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GreyM source as well as make and create various items of decorative interest for the discerning home owner who is searching for something a little out of the ordinary to add that 'Special Something'.


Based in the beautiful village of Hurst Green in the heart of the Ribble Valley we are fortunate enough to be not only in an area of outstanding natural beauty, but also situated in an increasingly important area of the North West of England for Artisans and Creatives who are looking to work in an Eco-friendly way.

With items that up until recently would have been disregarded or discarded, furniture, clothes and many other items are now getting a new lease of life from Recyclers, Skilled Crafts People, Artists and Artisans of which there are now many particularly around the towns of Clitheroe, Barrowford and Whalley along with other nearby villages. 


This is a rural part of the Lancashire countryside but even so the Ribble Valley is just a short drive drive North from the M65 and similarly from the Preston Junction of the M6. Manchester is only 45 minutes away by car or rail.

Remember ~ we are here if you need help with some inspiration for your own interior or just require some advice or fresh ideas. Feel free to contact us to have a chat about the items you like or just for some ideas about visiting the area.

Classic & Country Style

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